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how to download twitter videos?

Easy! Try, it is designed to be the ultimate tool to help everyone download videos from twitter. Twitter has some good stuff, recently my favorite DJs have been tweeting lots of new exclusive tracks and videos. Something is going on there! Yeah, so our site can also convert twitter videos to mp3. Downloads happen directly from Twitter's CDN, so they are fast and, well, very fast. To begin, we need a Twitter Status Link.. It can be a short link, or a long permalink to some tweet that contains the video. From that we will extract the direct file link for you to easily download twitter video. So what are we waiting for? If you know which twitter Video you'd like to download to your device, the process is very simple...

1 - find your video

2 - copy video link

3 - bring link here

4 - download video

how to get link to video tweet?

That's quite easy as well. Here's a great article on how to find that link i keepv talking about. Basically you hit menu button right on the video, well, it's nearby the video window somewhere, usually top-right corner... Looks like this ... No? Never seen? Should have seen!! And in the menu that pops up, usually top line says "Copy Link to Tweet" or something like that. Very easy! Now with that link copied to your device clipboard, head back over here, to our celebrated twitter video downloader. Click in the white box in the center there; right-click and Paste, or just press CTRL+C in the box. Or even Tap-n-Hold on the white box and select Paste from the menu if you're mobile. In any case get that link into the box, submit, wait 0.5sec, get the video info page with download links. Select your desired format. Download the video. Did I say easy? Oh yes I did!

how to convert twitter video to mp3?

We are great magician, we've mastered the power of converting twitter videos to mp3. It's not so hard, really. If you need twitter mp3 converter here and now, you can partake of ours. The process is same - enter video link (tweet/status URL), submit, see there's "Conver to mp3" button right below the big red twitter video download button? well, hit that, and you'll see a green button show up. It can actually convert twitter videos to mp3... It also reports back the progress. Twitter sometimes limits download speed, so please, be patient, it is working... 🎵😍

(brief) declaration of our deep eternal love for the online video & friends

Oh twitter my captain... No, I am definitely bad with this talking thing.. Or typing.. And lazy to backspace it.. This is for my people!! Jaja!! So this twitter thing, ugh? It's been going on for a few years now that twitter is doing their own video in posts, and in general trying to edge into concerts live streaming and other events on the roster.. Well, good luck with that, and even better for us, cause twitter has some good videos.. Some goooood stuff sometimes there, excellent videos to download from twitter...

In any case, here we are.. in no way associated with twitter, although yes, our name is so much like twidder, but only it's tvidder!! And there are all those videos on twitter, and we on tvidder cannot sit still until everyone out there starts using our tvidder to download videos from twitter. Seriously, try it out.. But this is not why this section is here. I just had to say, really, trying to make this new site for twitter videos, new downloader, maybe edge into the tight formation of pre-existing ones.. Maybe you like one of them older guys, I don't know, I am new.. But I promise, if you trust in me - I will not stop until we are both happy! And that involves only downloading twitter videos, nothing else.. We think that online video and audio out there on the nets, should not and cannot be the burden of our data transfer. How do you watch your favorite twitter videos on a train underground or in Antarctica? Neither of those places has internet! So you need a service like tvidder to download twitter videos in advance and never be bored again in your life!

But to be serious, we love online video. Love it deeply and thoroughly.. - AT HOME.. on the relatively free WiFi.. And so we also love to download online video to our phones and laptops to show each other multiple times something noone needs to see more than once.. And why do I have to waste our family data plan if this creepy unkle we see once a decade wants to keep watching over and over this funny kitten video on twitter, using my phone, for some reason... This cannot be helped, but next time come prepared!! Download video from twitter first using tvidder!

questions? we have answers!!

Hi again. Please, check out the most persistent questions people ask us about this website.. and then ask yours if still required. email is below there..

Q: My video download isn't starting? Video just plays..

A: Try right mouse click (or Tap & Hold) on the Video, then select Save Link.

Q: Can live twitter video be downloaded? Here and now?

A: No, live cannot do, but as soon as it ends, come back here and try again...

Q: How deep do you love video? Are you healthy or what?

A: 😍😍🤣🤣🤣🤣

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